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Zesty - 50' Combo Kit (Paracord and Buckles)

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Zesty  - 50' Combo Kit (Paracord and Buckles)

Our 50' zesty 550lb paracord combo kit is the perfect bracelet kit for any level of expertise. If you ever find yourself struggling to pick a color selection, this is the kit for you! Our experts will put together a variety of different colors of 10ft paracord hanks for you to get started on your paracord projects! West Coast Paracords 550 paracord has a 550lb tensile strength, and not only does it make it a great bracelet, but it is ideal for camping, hiking, military needs, survival/bug out bags, outdoor activities, boy/girl scouts, emergency kits, and so much more. These kits would make a great gift for outdoor and crafting lovers or create your own accessories that will be sure to impress your friends and family.


  • 5 different colors of paracord. Each color comes in 10ft hanks 
  • 5 3/8-inch buckles in a random assortment of colors