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About Us

With our roots originating in Las Vegas, Nevada, West Coast Paracord eventually moved to Fargo, North Dakota in early 2012. Our company provides a wide selection of high quality paracord, ropes, hardware, and kits at low prices.

If you are in need of finding outdoor gear, we have the items for you. There are a variety of versatile and easy to use paracord, ropes, and other cording as well as our durable carabiners, cord locks, and survival gear. You will be ready for any hunting, fishing, camping, and various other adventures with our wide selection of products. Our paracord is now a heavily used craft supply that we have created numerous colorful, patterned, and unique variations of to suit any creative need. Top off your next project or craft with our assortment of hardware - whether it’s a leash, bracelet, or lanyard!


Where You’ll Find Us

West Coast Paracord
1320 5th Ave N
Fargo, ND 58102

How You Can Reach Us



We are dedicated to making each and every one of our customers happy and satisfied by providing the best quality merchandise with exceptional value. It’s our Five Palm Guarantee! If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns please reach out to our customer service department or check out our FAQ Page for further information.

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