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Posted by McKenzie Zacha on Oct 4th 2019

Low Profile Bracelet:

  • Using paracord with an inner core to make bracelets can give them a bulky appearance, so if you want to create a low-profile bracelet with a thinner look, 650 coreless paracord is a great cord to use.

Handle Wrap:

  • Wrap handles on several kinds of items to give them a better grip or to add a simple accessory. Purses, knives, suitcases, bins, flashlights, gift handles, backpacks, and walking sticks are just a few of the objects you can wrap.


  • With coreless paracord, add t-bars or aglets to the ends and have a new and stylish shoelace for boots, tennis shoes, or even use it on lace up sweatshirts and tie a knot at the end to keep it from fraying.

Cable/Headphone Sleeve:

  • Controller cords, electrical wires, headphone wires, and cables can be covered and protected with coreless paracord. Have multiple colors, color code, or use a theme that matches with the rest of your set up when selecting the 650 paracord you want.

Globe Knots:

  • Regular paracord is usually used when making globe knots, but coreless paracord can give it a smoother surface. These knots can be used with jewelry or as an addition to decorations for weddings, birthdays, graduations, or holiday celebrations.


  • Create cute and decorative coasters for your drinks and keep your coffee and end tables protected from water damage. (Can use other paracord as well, but it may be easier to set beverages on a flatter cord.)

Hair Tie:

  • Long or short hair can get in the way but having a makeshift hair tie made from coreless paracord can help to keep hair out of your face.

Zipper Pull:

  • Broken zipper pulls can be replaced or repaired. You can use multiple kinds of cord and string to create a new pull. For a flat and light zipper pull, use the coreless paracord by itself or with an attached end to create an easy to hold and use zipper.

Glasses Strap:

  • Having trouble keeping your glasses on during activities? Run coreless paracord over the frames of the glasses to form a strap that will hold them in place.

Watch Bands:

  • Add to your smart watch with a personalized band. For a flat and smooth appearance, you can choose from multiple colors to customize your new watch.