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Dyna-X Cord - White

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Dyna-X Cord - White

Dyna X Cord is for the most avid survivalist and most daring outdoorsman.  Made of Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene - one of the world’s strongest fibers - this paracord has a minimum breaking strength of 1250 lbs. while also being lightweight and durable. There are 7 braided inner strands each with a break strength of 140 lbs.  They can be taken out and used as fishing line, sutures, sewing thread etc. This means you can use it in the water and it will float. With very little stretch you can trust this to keep its hold in the toughest of environments.

Uses: tie-downs, securing items, tent guy-line, lanyards emergency snares, shoe laces, warp around knife handles, a belt, clothesline, sling, bear bags, emergency sail repair and much much more


  • Rope Diameter - 5/32 in / 4 mm
  • Total Tensile Strength - 1,250 lbs / 567 kg
  • Per Core Strand Strength - 140 lbs / 64 kg
  • Outer Sheath Strength - 575 lbs / 260 kg

This cord is made in the USA and is available in white in lengths of 10, 25, 50, and 100 feet.